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March 23rd, 2020

Starting today, Coastal Community Behavioral Health will be utilizing telehealth in order to continue treating all patients while observing social distancing and minimizing risk of potential infection from COVID19. All that is required to participate in telehealth is a smart phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer with microphone and camera. If you are a current or potential new patient and need more information regarding our telehealth system, please call (912) 434-1794, Ext. 1. All current patients should be contacted shortly by their counselor to discuss scheduling telehealth appointments. For more information about understanding telehealth, please watch the short video below. 















March 19th, 2020

COVID19 News:

Coastal Community Behavioral Health is taking all necessary steps with guidance from the CDC, World Health Organization, and Georgia Department of Public Health to ensure continued operations while maintaining the safety of our patients and staff. Please be aware that we currently do not plan on closing but will be utilizing alternative means to continue treating patients such as telehealth and adjustments to our schedule for seeing patients face to face. Below is a list of important information to be aware of. 

  • If you are a patient and are experiencing any of the following symptoms (Fever, Dry Cough, Difficulty Breathing), Please call us as soon as possible so that our staff can make arrangements for continued treatment. DO NOT ENTER THE FACILITY IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING THESE SYMPTOMS WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION FROM A STAFF MEMBER. 

  • The CDC has issued guidelines for what you should do if you feel sick and begin to exhibit symptoms of COVID19. Please click this link to review.





  • Please be sure to update us if you have a new contact phone number. Communication will be critical moving forward. 

As more information becomes available, we will update this page. Please check back regularly or call us at (912) 434-1794 if you have questions.